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How Does Rent Work?


  • No security deposit is required for active duty service members who choose to pay rent by automatic allotment.
  • A $150 refundable security deposit will be required for active duty service members who cannot set up an automatic allotment.
  • Department of Defense Civilians, Federal Agency Civilians, Federal Uniform Service personnel, NAF (Non-Appropriated Funds) personnel and military retirees will pay a refundable security deposit of $150 if their credit score is 550 or greater.   Those applicants who have a credit score at or below 549 do not financially qualify for housing. 
  • Rent is pro-rated if you move in after the first of the month.
  • Rent by automatic allotment is paid on the first of the following month (in arrears).  So the payment for the current month will be paid on the first day of the next month.  This transaction will appear on your LES.
  • All utilities (electricity, water, trash/recycling, extended cable and Internet) are included in your monthly rent payment!

Your Choice!

You can set up your allotments in two different ways:

  • Allotments may be collected and managed by Military Assistance Company (MAC)*, an allotment management contractor who works for the Army.
  • You may choose a discretionary allotment through your bank or credit union.

No Hassle!

Stopping a rent allotment upon move out is as easy as starting it:

  • Once Corvias has officially cleared the resident and any charges for damages beyond normal wear and tear have been paid, the allotment will be stopped.
  • After move-out, any refund due will be made within 10 business days after Corvias receives the allotment for the last month’s rent.

We’re Here to Help!

The rent payment process is designed to be smooth and seamless.

  • If BAH does not appear on the LES or if the allotment is not collected, the service member should contact the Randolph Pointe Office immediately.
  • If the rent money is not taken out by allotment, the service member will be responsible for paying rent in cash until the problem is corrected.

*MAC has been processing military allotments since 1985 and serves military housing offices in all branches of service. The MAC payment system is fully automated and is interfaced with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). This system facilitates starting, managing, tracking, updating and stopping BAH allotments.